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Web Development

We have created design systems tailored to different types of bars and restaurants. This allows us to create high-quality websites quickly and affordably for almost every type of food and beverage business. We also have our own web servers, which makes it easy to scale and bring more businesses under our service.

We will handle everything on the technology side and work with you and/or your management team to pick high-quality images, slogans, mission statements, descriptions, and menu highlights to feature on the site.

Once we have a final version that you are happy with, we can either pass it off to you or continue to run it for you for a monthly fee. Having us run and maintain your site has huge advantages:

  • Make immediate changes with just an email
  • SEO included
  • Lower hosting fees
  • Better security
  • Automatic scaling
  • Less headaches!

Data Analysis

Data is an extremely powerful tool for any company. Data from various sources is collected by bars and restaurants to create a complete picture of trends and patterns in your business. We can analyze data from POS systems, payroll, marketing channels, reviews, social media, and your website.

Because of our experience in data analysis and managing restaurants, we know the types of insights that are important and will have a tangible impact on your decision-making. We will create a presentation every month from every data source and show you the details and trends of your business’s performance as a whole. This is a great way to see how new menus and practices are performing, as well as a monthly pulse check for all business activities.

If you are not interested in seeing this every month, you can pay for a one-time analysis and presentation of as many data streams as you would like to see. Perhaps you just released a new menu and want to see customer ordering habits. Or maybe you are running a new marketing campaign and want to see its performance. You might just want to see how your labor costs compare to sales during slow and busy periods of the year. Whatever insights you want to see, we will find them for you.


Web Development

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One Time Charge

Unlimited Edits

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Per Month

We Will Run it For You

Send us unlimited updates, edits or changes.

Data Analysis


Per Month

We will set up data streams and once per month we will analyze data from all of your channels

We will present it to you with actionable insights

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1-time analysis & presentation

Pay per Data stream

Let's talk about it.

If you have questions or need some advice, just shoot us a call or email. We’re happy to discuss your needs and whether we’re the right solution for you! We’re also a local Charleston business, so we’re happy to swing by if you’d prefer to speak in person!

Why Choose Us?

Other options for creating a website include completely customized original websites or cookie-cutter, single-template, one-size-fits-all websites.

The first camp, fully customized, is the dream for most businesses. The problem is, they are extremely expensive, sometimes up to as much as $20,000! They also aren’t always as beautiful and easy to navigate as promised. They typically result in a lot of work for owners and managers so that the company can build it exactly the way you want it.

The second camp is what most bars and restaurants go with. It’s cheaper than a custom site; it gets the job done, and they take care of almost everything. The issue is that while it gets the job done, it’s a far stretch from an impressive website for what they charge. These websites all typically fit into a single template that they plug everything into. Right now, there are at least 80 different bars and restaurants in Charleston that have the same website. Not only does this hurt your search rankings and discoverability, but you don’t stand out! Your establishment is unique, and the experience is different from that of the competition. But if your site looks exactly like everyone else’s, you’re not standing out, and customers won’t see why your restaurant or bar is different.

Bartopia Web Services does what neither of these options can do. We don’t have the high costs and upfront work that custom sites require, but we still tailor and customize the site specifically to your bar or restaurant. It’s the best of both worlds. Your site will stand out and be unique. It’ll be effective and maximize new customers. It’ll be as hands-free as you’d like, and it’ll be quick and affordable. Lastly, we are based in Charleston, so we know the culture and competitiveness of the city, and we’re close if you want us to come by in person.